“Wedding Planning 101” Seminars

Wedding Planning Workshops in Kansas City

Nolte’s Bridal Seminars

Topics Include:

Ten Ways to Keep Your Wedding Amazing
Ten Ways to Ruin your Planning Experience
Ten Ways to Stretch Ben Franklin
“P.S. The Ten Tips I personally learned as parent of a bride.”

There are “open houses” and trade shows and fashion shows…but none of them are “teaching moments.” I have found that what parents and couples crave is learning the how to, before saying “I do!”. Each season Nolte’s hosts an in store two-hour event that leaves the audience with full pages of notes and dozens of hands in the air. We explore invitations, dresses, flowers, cakes, music, vendor hiring, etiquette and of course the family dynamics dance! Don’t miss this fun evening.

We open the after-work event with a Happy Hour and market it to engaged couples and their parents. This isn’t Girls Day Out. This is nuts and bolts for the people getting married and the people writing the check. What on earth can happen that evening that is so earth moving? Well, compare it to touring new homes for the fun of it, or sitting with an architect and interior designer to create one specifically for your needs and wish list. Then we talk about how to pay for the dream house/wedding!


Cost: $15.00

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