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Full Service Wedding Planning in Kansas City

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No wedding choice (and there are zillions) is left to chance. After getting acquainted, Michael asks for three adjectives…and from there he is off with a vision that blows your mind.

Expert Experience

People ask, “How did you think of that?!” And the answer is “I don’t know. I just did.” The analogy he uses in hiring him is like engaging an experienced Bus Driver into the land of Wedding Planning.

He saves you running into a ditch, avoids dead ends, endless roundabouts and near misses. You, as the engaged couple, ride shotgun for the entire trip. Every decision is yours with Michael pointing out the pro’s and con’s of each option. It’s the most delicious blend of delegating and yet staying in control.

You get to host the most lovely party of your life, with none of the headaches or stress

Commonly Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

Most families would say they felt IMMEDIATE relief after our first visit. You talk. I listen. And you leave with a sense of “There IS a plan and this guy knows what he’s doing.” Some wives tell their husbands, “I just bought Peace of Mind!”

How long does it take for you to coordinate a wedding?

Believe it or not, I coordinated a wedding for 400 people in 10 days! As much as I love short engagements, that was really quick!

What makes you better at doing this than most?

I have been doing it longer than anyone in Kansas City. Thirty-nine years of experience is an incredible amount of exposure to every possible “worst-case” scenario. It also has allowed me to know the best vendors in each category (and know how to assess the potential of new vendors as well). I can predict the problems before they materialize and troubleshoot a surprise with quick authority. The family is kept in a bliss bubble and never even knows there was a hiccup. That only happens when there is an experienced driver guiding the bus.

How many meetings does it take to pull off a nice wedding?

Fewer than you would think. Now with text and e-mail, proofs and proposals don’t have to be viewed in person. Lots of communication is handled electronically and our personal visits are reserved for either “Up Date” visits or problem solving discussion. The week of the wedding however, we are together a lot.

Do I have to use only vendors recommended by Nolte’s?

Absolutely not. However, we do find that for the brides that do…. the whole experience goes so much more smoothly. The vendors give a lot more bang for the buck and flexibility with appointments and installations. And selfishly, it is reassuring for me as your planner to know for certain exactly what each vendor is able to do for you.

How much do you charge for wedding coordinating?

For full service planning I do a flat fee of $8K if I’m working in town. $14K if it is out-of-town. There is no additional charge for mileage, hours or extra staff. I don’t like to be nickel and dimed and I won’t do that to my clients.

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