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Expertise is formed only through decades of experience and Nolte’s Bridal is the most experienced source for wedding gowns and consulting in Kansas City…actually in the United States. Privately owned, Nolte’s is a one of a handful of salons still enthusiastically managed by the original owner…and with that comes enormous peace of mind to you. Thousands of brides have worn his gowns and almost 1,200 weddings have been coordinated by Michael Nolte.

Founded in 1980 with a history that encompasses dressing Miss America’s, the first Midwest wedding to be featured in a national magazine, coordinating the largest weddings in both Kansas City Missouri and the state of Kansas, Nolte’s stands the test of time.

Michael Nolte was the first man to be certified by National Bridal Service as a wedding planner. Now he literally writes the course work for those coming behind him and has authored two books on the subject: “Stylish Weddings” and “Wonder-filled Weddings.”

The company has grown from a three story building in Columbia, Missouri that was everything to everybody i.e. bridal, maids, prom, mothers, invitations, tuxedos and flowers, to the laser focus of what we do best.

Always known for having the “jaw dropping gowns,” and coordinating the “memorable weddings,” the newest (and seventh) salon focuses on the client who doesn’t shop with an entourage and appreciates the champagne experience of working with an expert.

Customizing Gowns

As the designer of the Michael Nolte Collection, customizing gowns for you is the norm, not the exception.

As the uncommon combo of being both couture gown retailer and wedding planner, Michael Nolte, envisions the “total look,” not just one piece of the puzzle.

Make Nolte’s the Best Part of Your Wedding Planning Journey

With walls full of thank you notes to his credit, Michael Nolte is a frequent television guest, writer for wedding publications and wedding planning seminar host. Each wedding, each family becomes an appreciative recipient of over-flowing creativity and a calming reassurance.

Referenced as either your “Gown Guy” or your “Bus Driver,” Michael welcomes your visit into the land of dress selection or wedding planning.

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