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Weddings Experience

For over 40 years, Michael Nolte has organized and planned effortless weddings. The creative ambiance and seamless day-of wedding flow is achieved only by someone with his level of expertise.

Making The Wedding Planning Process Priceless

Your only task? Enjoy the wedding!

Honest conversation

Authentic conversations about dreams and dollars so you can have a platinum wedding and stay within the budget.

Advocating for you

Michael will map out the best sequence to hire each vendor and be at the meetings to facilitate the conversations.

His A-Team Vendors

As the timeline of the wedding day evolves, all the vendors receive their final marching orders from the planner.

 From Dressing to Dashing

Michael is there for you as you start to walk down the aisle and facilitate your departure from the reception. It couldn’t be more seamless.

“Weddings should be creative, personalized, intentional and easy.”

Rare Gowns for Brides and Mothers

Brides come to Nolte’s for exceptional gowns for themselves and their mothers. Eighty percent of the dresses selected are custom designs. The collection opens at $3,500. Evening gowns open at $1,000.

Within Your Budget
& No Surprises

A fear of hiring a seasoned planner is that the budget becomes a runaway train. Not with Michael. He asks the couple and the hosts to rank their priorities and from there he goes to work to make sure everybody gets at least a couple of their priorities to fit in the budget.

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