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Michael Nolte’s Wedding Planning Book

The Life of a World Renowned
Wedding Planner

People have prodded for years, “You should write a book!” and I finally did. Wonder-filled Weddings, My life as a Planner, has become the most sought-after coffee table book/practical planning advice book in the country. National Bridal Service says, “Don’t start down the aisle without it.” Even for brides who have hired a planner, there are lots of nuggets in the book. If your budget doesn’t allow for a planner…for $65.00 it’s a tremendous road map for the journey.

PS- it’s the perfect gift for engagement parties or showers!

My Story

My professional autobiography i.e. “How did you get where you are and why do you still love doing what you do?”

The Grit Behind the Glamour

Chapters are specifically written for Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, The Groom, The Bride, the attendants of each side, children in the bridal party, How to deal with the Church Lady and so much more. Obsessive detail written in a humorous but very down to earth style.

Wedding Inspiration

Thirteen of the most gorgeous weddings of my recent career. Complete with the backstory and the finished event…. each is replete with inspiring images that will spark an idea for your own. The largest wedding ever in the history of Kansas City Missouri and the largest wedding in the state of Kansas are both included.

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