Yes, It’s True!

After two years of preparation, the long-awaited (and over-due) book, “Wonder-filled Weddings” was debuted on June 27! Sound the trumpets!

The beauty of Hallbrook Country Club was enhanced with the exquisite floral majesty of Fiddly Fig floristry and BBJ Linens. The colors I chose for the flowers were those of the book cover and the linens were two soon-to-be-favorites Magma and Silver Neptune.

Empty Room Shot

BBJ Linens

One hundred fifty friends, wedding vendors, former brides and present wedding families were among those my family received in the foyer. Cocktails, macaroons and a Cheri Elder wedding cake were enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed!

Receiving Line.jpg

Justine in Receiving Line.jpg

Brookside Strings.jpg

As speakers, I opted to scour from my “Double Daughters Club” a favorite Father of the Bride and a Favorite Mother of Bride to represent all those families for whom I had coordinated two or more daughters’ weddings through the years.

Bob Bagby (owner of B&B Theaters) and Kathy Koehler (of Koehler-Bortnick Realty) were the perfect presenters and their remarks (un-proofed by me!) were at times hysterical and very heartfelt!

Bob Bagby.jpg

Kathy Koehler

The celebrity guest who did the reveal was Ella Smith Groff…wearing a long white dress of course! In a sense, it was her first debut as well.

Ella pulling rope

Ella and MN Squating as they pull rope.jpg

Landers’ Visions did a cool stage, edged in planters of pink azaleas and a huge rendition of the book cover.

MJN on stage with book cover

They also illuminated the bridal gowns of my wife and my daughter, as well as the three First Communion dresses and Christening Gown worn by my family. The hallways and mantels were filled with exhibits from my career of magazine covers or newspaper articles and awards.

Justine Wedding Gown

1st Communion Dresses.jpg

I was especially proud to introduce the bride and mother of the bride who were my first featured national magazine editorial, Kim and Connie Sydenstricker.

1st National Wedding

Other special guests were the cover designer, Kristy Murphy Pettibone and my every so patient editor, Robby Morales.

Kristie Murphy-Pettibone
Kristie Murphy-Pettibone- Cover Designer
MN with Robby Morales
Robby Morales; editor extraordinaire

After the reveal, twenty ladies were randomly selected to pull a ribbon from the cake and retrieved a gift of jewelry, clutches or gift cards. The “Grand prize” was a gift certificate representing the number of weddings I’ve planned thus far, $1,073. Winner: Dr. Susan Porter, mother of Monica Porter….ironically one of the featured weddings!

Cake Pulling.jpg

And lastly, I announced the 13 featured weddings which was a surprise to some as only one person in each family knew of their inclusion. What a fun surprise! I felt like Oprah!

MN on stage with crowd


As dancing began, the line formed and I started signing. People hit the bar, inhaled macaroons and nobody left early!  It was such a fun night and a Life Chapter Moment for my family.

Table of Books.jpg

To all those that couldn’t come, we missed you. To all those who wish to have an inscribed copy, they are at the front counter. Distribution is at several other outlets in Kansas City and Amazon of course.

MN signing Sue Porter.jpg

MJN with the Seyllers.jpg

MJN with Darlings.jpg

Cheri Elder
Cheri Elder (My Cake Queen)
MN with Kenneth Sherman
MJN with Kenneth Sherman of Trapp and Company
Bella Bridesmaid
MJN with Owners of Bella Bridesmaids Megan and Danielle
Jeff French
MJN with Jeff French of Inspired Occasions
MN with Mike Shortino and Mike Freeland
Three Michael’s: Nolte, Shortino and Freeland!
MN with Collins
MJN with Collins Landers

Three Girls.jpg

MJN with Ella on the lap
Next Generation Nolte’s Bride.

Please let me hear your thoughts as you enjoy some images provided by Freeland Photography of the party.  MJN


Venue: Hallbrook Country Club

Linens: BBJ Linens

Music: Brookside Strings and Entertainment To Go

Macaroons: Hallbrook Country Club

Cake:Cheri Elder

Flowers: The Fiddly Fig

Lightening and Draping- Landers’ Visions

Invitation Design: Jan Mathieu