Wow! What a Wonderful Year


Louis Armstrong sings one of my favorite First Dance songs, “What a Wonderful World.” As I see 2013 through a retrospective lens, I feel a Top 10 List emerging like the points on a snowflake…each of these experiences building on the other to make an overall sparkling memory. I realized in writing about them, they tap into nearly every facet of my career(s): planner, retailer, speaker and designer.

Snow Crystal #1: Coordinating three over-the-top, tented (my personal fav) weddings all places no wedding had ever been staged. Not a task for an inexperienced planner and caused this coordinator a few sleepless nights as well. Each one was executed flawlessly. Each time I felt like Columbus discovering the new world!

Snow Crystal #2: The decision to pick up the new gown lines of Naeem Khan and Rosa Clara. We have never had anything like them and nor will anyone in Kansas City. Both were thrill-making decisions.

Snow Crystal #3: Presenting at conferences to freshman wedding vendors. All the experience/exposure to wedding planning makes speaking a breeze and provides a sense of giving back to the industry. Hosting the “Wedding Planning 101” seminars in the store, likewise, has become a fun evening.

Snow Crystal #4: Designing more one-of-a-kind gowns than ever before. What a tremendous trust level these brides had in me to take a swatch and a sketch and morph that into a fantasy-come-true gown.

Snow Crystal #5: Absolutely no bridezilla’s this year. (Could the effect of the reality shows finally be waning? Fingers crossed!)

I’m also really jazzed about the plans for 2014:

Jazz #1: Participating in bridal shows with new ideas.

Jazz #2: Coordinating the wedding of the great-grandson of J.C. Nichols in another one of those magnificent “tented on the farm” settings. Tons of little known local history will be incorporated in the ambiance, ceremony and reception. (It’s hush hush now, but will be a wedding of note when it happens.)

Jazz #3: Presenting to the wedding planners of China in March and Ecuador in May. (Some U.S. engagements yet TBD)

Jazz #4: Revamping our windows with a new concept.

Jazz #5: New web site launch.