What could be more handsome?

Raised in the protocol of weddings being ranked as being: Daytime: Informal, Formal or Ultra-formal and the same for Evening weddings (those beginning after six o’clock) it was a natural that with Justine’s wedding starting at 6:00 p.m. and the invitation stating “Black-tie” that the bridal party men would be thus in “White-tie.”


The term Full Dress means: black tails, pique vest, shirt and bow tie and white gloves.


As explanation, pique is that wonderful texture (think lush paper towel weave). And you would never wear a Windsor tie with those accessories…always a bow tie.

Hint: being able to tie a self tie, I thought it would be cool for me and the groom to have such GQ accessories and thus bought two. Fortunately, the groom had the cooler head and thought to also bring his “cheater” (the pre-tied one) along too. Note to future FOB’s…follow the lead of my son-in-law, not me. The pique was so thick I couldn’t get a decent knot and spent 30 minutes stressing about it with constant retries when I should have been enjoying pictures taken at the house.


The protocol for glove wearing is that ladies always shake hands wearing theirs but men do not. But grooms do not wear gloves if the bride is not. My daughter chose to not wear gloves, thus nor did the groom, and I struggled at the end of the aisle (nerves!) getting my glove off to shake his hand. In retrospect, I should have just left them on and not risked running out of processional music. He certainly would’ve forgiven me.

However, the opposite does not hold true. Ladies may wear gloves even when men do not. Thus, you will nearly always see Jackie Kennedy wearing gloves, but the President (knowing he would be shaking lots of hands, seldom does.)

Interestingly, the tradition of men removing gloves when they approach each other is from the days of honor to clarify that they are not carrying a concealed weapon.

Additionally, you will see white gloves at the most formal of occasions in town on the hands of fathers and escorts at Debutante Balls as well.

The gentlemen wore their gloves for Grand March and removed them for dining and dancing. They guys felt pretty special and indeed in a bridal party where the focus is so much on the ladies…I was glad we had this upgrade!

P.S. All our tuxes for guests and bridal party came from my neighbor, Tip Top Tux https://www.tttux.com and they, as usual did a superb job in suiting up all the players to get on the field!