What are you doing up there?

One of my total joys is the challenge of making something happen in an arena where it never has been done before.

Such was the case for the wedding featured in March issue of “435 Magazine” that I created for Alex and Loren.

Staged in central Missouri on their two families’ farms…weather was always a worry but the show went on and the novelty of having a private open sky ceremony on Loren’s farm and then an enormous tented reception on Alex’s made the contrast even more exciting.

Finck Recessional

Loren and Alex in front of Tent and Barn

I don’t typically get into the mechanics of the magic….I just design it and hire the smartest people. But this one was special as there was no template and I wanted to be sure n.o.t.h.i.n.g. went wrong.

I was on site for two days prior directing the tent guys, the flooring guys, the carpet installers, the lighting guys, the draping guys, the floral crew, the caterer, the furniture movers, the housekeepers, the transportation guys and of course the regulars of musicians, photographer and oh yeah…the bridal party. (Almost forgot!)

MN standing in center of Finck Tent pre-wedding

I helped the bride select her Maria Farbinni gown from Nolte’s as well as the MOG’s Frascara sapphire blue gown. We did all the stationary and the invitations were off the chart high quality and stunning. (Lordy but people notice when the paper is heavy, letterpress and have the finishing touches of linings, backings and professional calligraphy.)

Fink Ceremony Invitation Up Close

Gold Foil Pinnapple motif up close on invitation

Back of Invitation and envelope liner

One of the concepts I “cooked up” for this farm to table, organic, very dressy country ambiance was to create chandeliers on site that didn’t look like chandeliers. So here you see me on scaffolding adding garlands of English ivy to the cattle fencing panels each serving as the grid for the Edison lights. Likewise, we bought a zillion bolts of khaki broadcloth to break up the 200 feet of white ceiling and scalloped it “just so.”

MN creating chandeliers at Finck Wedding
The maids dresses were non-memorable, thus we opted to jazz them up with VERY memorable necklaces that I found at a hole in the wall in So-Ho (NYC.)

Finck Bridesmaids Necklaces
For the four forever long length Tuscan banquet tables…we draped them in expensive Wedgewood blue brocade and then “farmed them up” with wooden planter boxes that were pre-planted weeks earlier with Spring bulb plants.

Fink reception tent interior
I hired the best musicians of KC and dragged them (again to central Missouri): Atlantic Express and Entertainment to Go. The high gloss varnish plywood dance floor was packed all night long as a result!

This was one of those that I just simply didn’t want to leave! The 25 minutes of fireworks brought people outside the tent only long enough to re-stage the interior and bring out yet MORE late night snacks!

Finck Fireworks display

I’ll be sharing this story during my monthly appearance on BetterKC (Channel 5) at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 20.

Wedding Contributors 

Band-Atlantic Express

Catering-Bleu Events

DJ-Entertainment to Go

Fireworks- Berry Good Fireworks

Florist- My Secret Garden

Mother of the Groom Gown-Nolte’s Bridal

Photography- Silverbox Photography

Tent-Above and Beyond Tents

Wedding Gown-Nolte’s Bridal