Veiled: Life Chapter Moments

Our book of “life” is divided by chapters…significant experiences that shape the rest of our lives. Weddings and funerals are certainly two of them.

As our nation pays tribute to the death of President Kennedy today, many remember “where we were.” Lots of television specials have been created and the elegance and impeccable appearance of the style icon, Jackie Kennedy, is observed in her most public forum ever.

It occurred to me that the common denominator of marrying and burying is the wearing of a veil. Though not seen so much any more, head coverings were traditionally a sign of respect i.e. men lifted their hats to a lady and took them off when entering a house. Conversely, women always wore hats when attending social events, definitely church and added veils, for funerals of their families.

As you know from my earlier writings, I am a lover of all things classic and timeless. Veils for brides are one of those traditions that say “This is my wedding day.” A veil makes a image that without description the observer knows the occasion for either the white dress…or in this case, the black dress.

As my own personal tribute to the Kennedy family, and thinking of Caroline today with a prayerful heart, I thought I might share with you some images in mourning and observe for yourself the understated elegance and majesty of veils being worn for that other Life Chapter moment.



Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy

Ethel Kennedy

Ethel Kennedy

Three QueensThree Queens at King George VI’s funeral

Coretta Scott King Coretta Scott King