Tonight’s the Night!

Just when I can’t stand to hear, ‘I don’t want to take away from the bride” one more time, it was with pleasure to watch “First Monday in May” yesterday with my daughter. It’s a movie that celebrates jaw dropping fashion pieces and the art form of designers. It’s the documentary back story of the Met Gala (fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art) that is the most exclusive party in the country that happens….today…the first Monday in May every year.

The First Monday in May Movie Poster

Met exhibit China Through The Looking Glass


The chair (17th year) is Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue. As an uber-control monger, she must approve every detail of the Ball even down to the seating arrangements for the 500, invitation-only (but still paying 30K per plate) guests. She does however; shed her sunglasses, which she references as her “armor.”

The movie is gorgeous to watch as 250,000 white roses are glued to a 30 foot high Ginger jar and miles of bamboo trees are installed to create a Chinese garden. And of course, when it comes to gowns….it’s a case of “more is more.”

Floral Ginger Jar Met 2015

Met Ball 2015 Staircase

Sidebar: Anna wears a particular necklace repeatedly in the movie. It is triple strands of antique semi-precious stones from the Georgian era.  Most of you know of my love of colored crystals and this piece is gorgeous.

Anna Wintour wear trademark sunglasses and necklaces

Watch for coverage of it tonight on the news. (Wonder if Anna will have George Clooney sitting only next to her again?) Go see the movie…it’s an uplifting delight for the senses. And MOB’s stop feeling guilty about looking glamorous yourself as you witness your child being married!  MJN