The Jewel of our Treasure Chest


As a seasoned bridal salon owner, it takes a lot during Bridal Fashion Week for me to sit up in my chair. Usually the dresses are “nice” or “pretty.” However, when I visited the famed showroom of Marchesa…I not only sat up in my chair…I nearly fell out!  It has been years since I have seen gowns so absolutely breathtaking, so different, SO high-quality.

The beading patterns are unlike any I’ve seen, and are stitched onto soft English net creating the appearance of it being painted on the bride’s bodice. The caliber of beading is what also makes the difference. It is all Swarovski crystals and platinum thread…no rhinestones here!

It has been exciting to get new Marchesa’s in as every single one is purchased within  days. Though they aren’t inexpensive, brides can’t turn back after they have tried one on.  Above are three examples of the look. Of course the ones in color would come in white or ivory, and the full skirted tulle gown is inspired by that worn by Sandra Bullock when she accepted her Oscar.

Next weekend we will have two Marchesa’s going down Kansas City aisles…stay tuned for pictures of each. They are going to be (as the society editors say) “Weddings of Note.”