The Grandest of Grandchildren


Pardon me while I gush.

Indeed the rumor is true, the experience of a family wedding of April 2015 has just magnified to the blissful joy of my first Grandchild. 

Justine Processional.jpgImage by Clayton Jenkins Photography ( )

This past Sunday, my Granddaughter, Ella Smith, was christened. The private ceremony took place in the same church where her parents were married, by the same priest who officiated then as well.

Her names were a complete surprise to Mrs. Nolte and me, as they honored both sides of our daughter’s family. Ella was the first name of my wife’s paternal grandmother and Smith is the surname of my maternal grandmother.

Carrying the spirit of those wonderful ladies forward, the baptismal bowl once belonged to the original Ella and it was placed on an antique table that has been in the Smith family for five generations.

smith-tableImage by Caulfield Photos ( )

Likewise, the Christening gown was that worn by all three of the Nolte daughters. I had it created 30 years ago of the very finest lace available: triple beaded French re-embroidered Alencon lace over silk satin. 

Justine Christening Potrait.jpg

The processional was “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee,” (the same song being sung when I walked Ella’s mother down the aisle.)  “Here I Am” was also used as it was sung at all our daughters’ Christenings.

With a little research, I was able to incorporate all the patron saints of the attending guests in the Litany of the Saints portion of the ceremony.  

For my parents, it is their first Great-Grandchild. If that isn’t enough button popping, she has the exact strawberry blonde hair as her mother, my mother and my mother’s Grandfather. Only those individuals in these six generations are blessed with this hair color.

Justine and Ella Hair.jpgImage by Caulfield Photos ( )

It’s been a wonderful, wonderful life since she arrived two months ago. Just when I didn’t think my family life couldn’t get any better…it did! Holding her in my arms is off the chart bliss. So blissful that it’s affected by logic and reasoning. I might have to re-calibrate my opinion on including toddlers in your bridal party!  Thanks for listening. MJN

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