The Frosting

“Mirror, mirror on the wall……who is the make up artist I should call?”

Makeup-counter 2

Madeline Diab from Chanel at Hall’s 816-274-3261 (or cell: 913-709-4445), has been one of my top choices for clients and family for years. She has no problem going on location and is so very calming in a hectic prep room.The second make-up wizard was Lacinda Fritter. They are available as a team or individually. Because we had a lot of faces, (in a four hour window) I knew I needed two artisans.
Justine with Madeline Diab and Lacinda Fritter
What I love about Madeline’s work is that she never overtly changes a woman’s look, but rather produces the most beautiful version of that lady. The way she applies lashes…is invisible. No one does it like she does.

She always does my wife’s make up and lashes for all the Black-ties we attend and it easily lasts all evening.

Call her for a make-over at Halls Crown Center and have her do your face for a shower or special event. Don’t ask people “How do you like my make-up? Just let them tell you how gorgeous you look. You will know then that the compliments are authentic and indeed everything I told you about Madeline is true!