The Best of the Decade

As our wonderful decade comes to a close it seemed fitting to share a couple of moments of appreciation. One professional and one personal.

After 22 years at one location (22 steps away), the move to “downSIZE and UPscale” has been the smartest decision I’ve made in this decade. Our clients love the ambience of a true couture boutique. I enjoy coming to the salon every day as if it’s an extension of my home and welcoming guests (with champagne in Waterford crystal!) Our focus now is what we’ve always done best: high quality evening dresses, couture bridal gowns, high end jewelry and invitations.

There is always a market for quality. When I opened in KC, there were three bridal    stores. Now there are 30. I’m glad we have never tried to be everything for everybody. Next week we celebrate our 40th Year of keeping our focus.





The coolest moment of 2019 though was extremely personal. I seldom share my private life in this forum, but wanted to share this link. If you ever wonder what makes Michael Nolte “tick” probably nothing more profoundly lifts that veil.

I have raised my daughters to believe, “It’s never too late to say ‘thank you.’”

This day was profound. Having my Mother call me (as my parents do EVERY single year at 3:33 p.m.) and sing “Happy Birthday” to me, always brings me to tears. In front of many medical professionals and media it happened again just recently. I’m a lucky guy.



Off we go into a new decade and new wonder-filled memories that we get to make together! Thank you, thank you, thank you! MJN