“Step step, quick quick!”

Those were the words literally running through my mind for hours as I reviewed the instructions of our dance instructor in preparation for the all important Father/Daughter Dance.

We were lucky/blessed to secure the expertise (and patience) of Amy Laliberte at Teah Ballroom in Overland Park. I have taken dance classes before for fun but this time it was all business…and she made it fun! 913-642-7410


Justine has taken dance lessons since she was four years old and was a member of a national ranking dance team..so for her it was like walking. For a nervous Dad who was an emotional sponge…it was like trying to swim handcuffed. I just couldn’t “get it.”

We didn’t even need to talk about which song would be ours. We have known since I danced with her on my shoulders that it would always be “Stand by Me” by B. B. King. Yet on the first night of official lessons…when that music started, I just choked (up!) Badly.

For my son-in-law to be, he was smooth as a skater and fortunately we didn’t take the lessons back to back so I wasn’t intimidated by his finesse. The song they chose was one of my most favorites for many years, “Unchained Melody” by Rightous Brothers. Everyone in the room automatically smiles when this song starts playing anywhere. Just watch.

Dance lessons are a fun break in the planning as it involves touching, music and concentration. It calms your heart even though it baffles your mind at first.

Amy created sequences for us that were effective and didn’t look too produced. Instead of just swaying to the beat (a la Prom yesteryear), there was purpose to the step and the guests really enjoyed watching.

Amy is so encouraging that even a non-dancer feels constantly encouraged. She cheerleads every progress and minimizes the goof ups…over and over and over!

Each time I hear those songs, I now “feel” that dance. Such a wonderful memory. Such a fun and special part of that night. Get on it Fred and Ginger. She will have you ready to receive a mirror ball before it’s over!