That is the single adjective that I used to describe the mood of the recent wedding that has caused so much ruckus in Kansas City. When the pictures of this wedding started going out…people sort of went nuts with their glowing commentary.  I was most flattered but truly this coordination was a collaborative effort between three of us that included the bride’s mother, Margaret and the bride, Elizabeth Close who all had similar taste. In the first consulting visit we jumped on the idea of ivory, bright colors and lots of gold accents as the palette.



They trusted their experts completely and as a result ended up with an off the chart “most beautiful wedding in the Rooftop Ballroom ever,” wedding.

The bride wore Oscar de la Renta’s, Ella, with its just full enough silk taffeta ball gown skirt. To give that plain short train “Wow” she chose an  embroidered veil that not only left people gasping, but she loved it so much, she left it on all night.  To not distract from the Venise lace and moonstone jeweled belt that created the bodice, Fiddly Fig did the bouquet in all stephanotis. No greenery. It was the perfect blend in.


The girls were soft as well in ivory gowns of English net and Kenneth Jay Lane earrings set in gold mountings. Instead of the snow cone style bouquet that is so over done, the girls carried over-flowing are bouquets of tangerine roses and coral lilies. All the foliage was gilded.

CS_0366 400x600.jpg

That love of gold was carried through in the church décor where all the pews were embellished with cascades of gilded ruscus and the entry door was flanked by gold pillars and a rich garland of gold foliage.

Mrs. Close’s gown was my personal design and it took us three sets of beaded swatches to get just the right color of periwinkle English net over silk organza. (It was actually four different shades of fabric and five hues of crystals to give it this luminance.) I had Stephen Yearick manufacture it for us.


Perhaps the coolest element though was the ceiling treatment I dreamed up suspended over the dance floor.  After a starburst of tiny clear lights were fanned out from the chandelier, 100 giant tulle puff balls were hung at varying lengths to create a heavenly, cloudy, marshmellowy effect, the likes of which no one had ever seen before.  A dramatic personalized dance floor(in gold of course), two arches of gilded foliage at the doors and gold banded stemware and chargers made the room absolutely shimmer. To magnify the effect, the Nolte Mirror Topped tables, made the room reflect in the darkened glass as it were twice the size.


This was one of those marriages I really hoped wouldn’t happen as after the Last Dance, our planning journey had reached it’s magical crescendo.  There will be pictures to remind us and friendships forever to cherish such a special family and celebration. Look for this one soon to be featured in a magazine.

CS_0198 600x400.jpg


Photos by: Clayton Jenkins Studio

Flowers by: Fiddly Fig