Royal Wedding Reflections, Part 1

Man, but 4:00 a.m. came early this morning!!

In quick review (and some of these comments you’ll see on the guest appearances I did for the news stations afterwards) here are my impressions of today’s historic gorgeous English celebration:

My Loves:

  1. Of course you know how much I insist that a bride not be just “a girl in a white dress” i.e. sans veil. Soooo the 16’ veil was stunning. The added impact of the blusher, truly made it fairy tale. In watching the Friday, Better KC appearance yesterday (on our Facebook page), you’ll hear me predict that she will wear a slim skirt with a short train and an extremely long veil. I “knew” it wouldn’t have lace, but I thought perhaps beading. Loved the closed toe pumps. Good job! The gown? Gorgeous fabric, but severe.

Meghan Markle on the Steps.JPG

Meghan Markle Wedding Dress.jpg

I immediately thought of Marie’s ensemble in the “Sound of Music” as their veils cascaded from the shoulders of the gowns. It’s so “bridal.”

The Sound of Music Wedding Processional Movie.jpg

  1. I suspicion-ed when she only had two of the pageboys in the Bentley with her, they might be trainbearers….and indeed they were! Loved it! Full disclosure, my own bride (anniversary coming on May 24) did the same concept i.e. short train, long veil and her seven year old twin cousins were her trainbearers. I’ve always, always, always loved trainbearers.


Meghan Markle on steps of St. Georges's chapel up close.jpg

Michael Nolte Wedding.JPEG

  1. I have been to Windsor Castle a couple of times. The front of the chapel is pretty “hard” but the incredible florist transformed the façade to look like a forest of white roses and softened all those stone steps. Incredible!

Outside of St. George's Chapel


Exterior of St. George's Chapel Decorated

  1. To incorporate, “Stand by Me” with a gospel choir, singing it softly…was a heart-tug. Oh my. Oh my! Ben E. King wrote that song about racial equality, but it has always be “our song” with my Daughter #2. There was never even a question as to the choice for our Father/Daughter dance at her wedding.
  2. The men wearing cutaways. It’s considered the appropriate choice for what is classified as an “Ultra-formal Daytime Wedding.” I chose the same for my guys at our 1:30 p.m. wedding and you hardly see it anymore.

Cutaway's Example



My not-so-loves:

  1. Why did Harry lift the blusher at that point in the ceremony? It was mid-song near the opening. Leave it down! It is so much more photogenic and classic.


2.  The page boys and bridesmaids. Pretty basic.

Page Boy's and BridesmaidsPrincess Charlotte

3. The bouquets were so non-memorable. Just a handful of white flowers.

  Bouquet Picture.jpg

3. The processional music. (But I felt the same way at William’s wedding.) It lacked “Wow.” After their mother walked into “Trumpet Voluntary” it became, and has remained, the #1 choice for the Entrance of the Brides. So regal.

4. The lack of an aisle runner. At Prince Edward’s wedding there was a blue carpet. What with this embroidered veil, the detail was lost on a black and white marble floor.

Prince Edward Wedding and Sophie Wessex

Royal Wedding

After devouring blueberry scones and my daily morning pot of brewed tea over ice (true story), I jumped in the shower, donned, not a cutaway, but a bow-tie and made my way to Union Station to do some press at the city’s watch party. It was a fun experience.

Carriage Ride.jpg

We’re in the middle of our Moving Sale (only five more days!), thus I’m at the store and anxious to get home and watch all the recorded re-caps….with a little Red Bull! More later, I’m sure. Cheerio!

Raise your champagne to the coordination of majestic weddings! It’s my most favorite type of Life Chapter Celebration. MJN