Rentals: All Seasons

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I love sit down dinner parties. Not “like” but l.o.v.e.

My advice to parents of the bride is to “Consider your daughter’s reception, the largest dinner party of your life and treat your guests accordingly.”

My preference for sit-downs is based on cherishing relaxed meals and being pampered by well-trained waitors.

Though there are good reasons because of the square footage of some venues, that buffets or serving stations are the better option, we were lucky that Hallbrook Country Club afforded us the elegance of fine dining.

If I had you to dinner at home, we would bring out the Waterford (my guilty pleasure) and the Lenox. (Both patterns are our wedding registry.) There would be fresh flowers (of course!) and better than average linens.

To replicate that, I upgraded the chairs to gold Chivari’s and the stemware to gold banded crystal. Likewise, the courses were presented on gold banded chargers.


All of those rentals came from the best game in town: All Seasons Event Rental.

“My guy” there is Vernon Greene, who is known throughout the city as the most patient person in town! Vernon and I have worked on a zillion weddings together through the years and he never lets me down. His bosses, Steve and Mario Brancatto, have been big Nolte’s Bridal supporters for many years. Vernon’s assistant, Anna, can get me answers, proposals and appointments within hours.


It was those little touches of rented elements that provided exactly the “At Home Formal Dinner Party” ambience that we love so much.