Party of Three, Please

If our happiest brides whispered their secret to blissful bridal shopping to the next customer walking in our door, I know exactly what they would say…”Bring your Mom and one close friend. Period.”

Increasingly, brides share, off to the side, “Bringing five people was a huge mistake. I wish I had never done this.”

Likewise, retailers across the country are so burnt out on the influence of “Say Yes to the Dress” that they admit it affects both their patience and enthusiasm to keep helping brides who “shop by posse.”

As the bridal salons get jammed with groups of bridesmaids, mother-in-laws, grandmothers, babies in strollers, the “Fun Factor” plummets. There are too many opinions, too many text messages, too many cell phone calls, too many pictures taken and too much pressure to have a “reality show experience.”

Gown Shopping

Last Saturday, one of our customers, (and her group of six people) was so overwhelmed (and pressured by friends) to make a decision, she ended up doing what they expected by saying “Yes” to a dress she didn’t like at all. They clapped, wept, posed for pictures and continued on their “Girls Day Out” schedule…all the while, the MOB confided later, the bride was miserable. On Monday, they begged to start over, just the two of them, and ended up buying a dress they truly loved.

The only two opinions that matter to the sales consultant are those of the person wearing the dress and the person writing the check. Non-stop talking from all other people is just a complicating distraction from the purpose of the appointment i.e. to select a bridal gown.

Gown Shopping

I speak for all sales people in the industry to encourage you to remember the tradition of a daughter shopping for her bridal gown with her mother (only). Every single time, I witness that “moment” in the history of a family, I feel privileged to have both created and shared it. It is a quiet, fun, sentimental, story-evoking, hope projecting, relaxed experience for everyone. When the bride steps out in THE dress, or comes to the soft realization that “This is the one…” there are always hugs, sometimes tears, and I quietly exit the room, closing the door to give them some private time. It is one of the coolest moments in my week, of my career. I want all my brides to have that.

Please do yourself that favor and share your gown shopping to perhaps just two others, your closest friend and your mother. I guarantee they will both be honored and grateful.

Gown Shopping

There is something so special about having those high impact moments of your life remain authentic and intimate.