Oscar Observations

We are a movie family and of course also a fashion family. We love both! 


However, I limit my thoughts to just the attire worn by the men and the women. (Wait…who else would there be? Pets?)

My favs for the ladies: our own city’s Janelle Monae. (BTW: her mother was in just two weeks ago, to select her dress for her daughter’s special night.) I loved the beading, the high collar and of course the over-skirt. Over-skirts in general are just so grand.


Charlize Theron had such cool earrings. Many of our brides understand the concept that going big is the better look when seen from a distance.


Meryl Streep’s midnight blue, pants with again an over-skirt, was so perfect for her age and body.


The necklace of Taraji P. Henson was absolutely mesmerizing. It laid so perfectly that I thought at first it was on sheer illusion.  I’ve always advised that when you want to distract from your middle…add some sparkle chin!


And then lastly, Hailee Steinfeld with her frothy, appliqued organza gown (with over skirt!) was fab. (She didn’t need to go without a slip to be attention grabbing.)


For the guys…wow! But don’t you just love the velvet jackets now? I have a navy one and need to get a few more wears in before Spring breaks!


I was surprised that Ryan Gosling wore ruffles, but who else could pull that off without looking like a gimmick?

Ryan Gosling.JPG

Overall the look of the classic i.e. lay down collar, bow (not Windsor) tie, cummerbund and fitted pants are just such a great timeless look. My next tux will be a copy of the second one that Jimmy Kimmel wore. I loved the shawl collar square cut lapel. 


But note to the stylists of celebs advising to wear a white dinner jacket…. you’re a little early. It’s a Memorial Day/ Labor Day thing or if in winter months…in topic climates. (Still I love it and hope to convince some of my summer grooms to go that direction.)