Oh, to have had Pippa as a Nolte’s bride!

People all day have been asking my thoughts:

  1. The flowers: The lush, true English garden style of the massive arrangements flanking the church’s gates and doors the church (can you even imagine the reception if that was just the outside?!) like a down filled duvet they were so luscious!

Pippa's Blusher

  1. The bouquet: not a fan. The Brit’s for some reason are into these dinky, obvious handles, clutches of flowers right now. The advantage I guess would be that it’s certainly not distracting if you have a gorgeous gown and face…which in this case, we had both!
  2. The colors: I love the sage green silk shantung, of the Page Boys britches, and the dusty pink, accenting the bridesmaid’s dresses used together. I loved the overall “softness” of the colors (did you catch that old English spelling?).
  3. Princess Kate’s dress: Loved it. But when does that lady ever not appear just naturally perfect? The fact she chose to have sleeves and a mid-calf skirt, was the epitome of elegance for her role as a future queen. Who doesn’t want to have people notice HER ensemble over that of the bride? Total class. She had her day.


Kate Middleton with bridesmaids and page boys

  1. The gown: Wow! Everything about it I loved. You know of my addiction to very expensive laces and especially the rare ones. This was both. The lace was a bespoke pattern of Guipure. That is a lace not even used on American gowns anymore. One of my favorite designers, the late Ron LoVece, used to use it a lot and I loved his dresses so much that he sold me every showroom sample.


Pippa's BodicePippa's Guipere lace up close

  1. The ambiance: I love morning weddings. They allow the men to wear the cutaways with hickory striped trousers and the ladies, hats. I was surprised to learn that that guests were requested to bring a second ensemble. (Where do 100 people change clothes that quickly? The Middleton’s house where the reception took place?)
  2. Two sidebars: Did you know that the terms “Flower Girls” and “Ring Bearer” are not used in Europe? They are “Bridesmaids” and “Page Boys.” They follow, rather than precede the bride down the aisle and lead, rather than follow, they lead the couple in recessional… thus the pic of the couple kissing at the door with the children in front of them. Also, the fun expression of the “reception will be a knees up event!”  It means “impromptu dancing” …induced by the Irish whisky! Sounds like my kind of party!


Pippa and James Kissing outside the church

  1. Overall: I’m jealous of the wedding planner who got to work with such a glamorous MOB with such good taste (and an unlimited budget!)

Carol Middleton with son James

  1. Raise a Waterford flute and let’s toast the beautiful couple! MJN