Ninety Years of Being “On”

Can you even imagine what that must be like for Queen Elizabeth II?

If I have just a weekend of spotlight, I’m tired and “peopled out.” This week, the greatest icon in the world reached a milestone that of course was captured (like all of her life) on camera(s). For our brides who tell me, “I’m uncomfortable being the center of attention,” I have to reply, “That’s your role for that day. Otherwise, elope!” Brides are referenced as “Queen for a Day!” (But thankfully…it’s only a day.)

Anyone who has served with such grace, patience and good spirit surely deserves that adulation of the world…and she has it in spades.

As a sidebar: Did you know that the term “Maids of Honour” comes from the Queen? Do you know the difference between that group and her “Ladies in Waiting?”

Maids of Honour (note the English spelling, which is what we use still in wedding jargon i.e. invitations and programs), are the lesser ranked ladies who only are invited for Coronations and the Opening of Parliament. These ladies carry the velvet, ermine trimmed trains for the female royals. A queen can have up to eight. Elizabeth generally has six for her 60’ train. Of course they are always identically dressed in white gowns and kid leather gloves.

Ladies in Waiting are considered her personal assistants and confidants. They are of royal rank themselves and often relatives who can be trusted. If they make a group appearance at events, they never wear white but are dressed identically.

At weddings, the brides’ trains are carried by Pages. These are usually boys.

Perhaps because of this influence “all white” wedding parties are often considered the ultimate in formality.

All just fun facts! Happy Birthday your Majesty! Hope to see you in September when I’m in your neighborhood.