“Nine (plus one) ladies dancing”

As is the case with so many brides, to ask one particular friend to be an attendant, opens the floodgate for two more right behind her. In our case, three BF’s from high school, four cherished college friends, two bride’s sisters and one groom’s sister… …and voila…you end up with 10 bridesmaids!


The designer Elie Saab was the inspiration for the evening gowns that were chosen for the bridesmaids…soft flowing, non-typical, simple but not plain. They were created of multiple layers of English net in a Jackie O. style that looked good on everybody. Tiny silk hydrangeas centered with sparkle were scattered all over the gowns.

The ensemble was completed with matching slip back pumps and Swarovski crystal earrings.

Originally we thought of doing multiple colors but couldn’t get the right hue of each of the pastels that we were desiring. After paying for two sets of handkerchief size beaded swatches to be created, we realized that the safer bet would be to do them in all vanilla and pick up color in flowers for ceremony and reception.

NG_407The dresses were so significant, that I opted, however, to not put color in the bridesmaids hands. The resulting look was very soft and cohesive.