My Friend Mike Freeland

“Hands on” would be the two words that are top of mind when I think of my friend, Mike Freeland, owner of Freeland Photography and now The Beck event space.

Irregardless of having a great first name, Mike and I have been friends for years and years.  I have hired his team to photograph many of my favorite weddings and never been disappointed. My brides have loved his patience and diligence in re-touching the images.  Additionally, Freeland Photography is the fastest turn around studio in the city. When I have needed images for those beloved announcements in the KC Star or magazines, it takes just one phone call and voila’, the images appear in my In Box before the end of the day!

Meghan Kranz and Bridesmaids

When we work side by side as coordinator and photographer, there is never a turf control issue over who is in charge of the agenda or sequence of events. (Less confident photographers mistakenly think they are the wedding coordinator and it makes the couple so uncomfortable and me nuts.) For Mike Freeland, his flexibility is the key to his success.

Freeland Photography Spake Ceremony.jpg

Mike is one of those rare professionals that always says “Thanks for the business.  As I have watched his business grow through the years, due to his consistent high quality work, he maintains a humility that deflects his success to his team.

Now his latest, “new baby,” is ownership of “The Beck,” a perfectly done event venue in Harrisonville. In the world of reclaimed warehouses becoming vogue for formal receptions, this one is immaculate, airy, has good parking, pretty lighting and well developed floor plan. I was privileged to be present for his Ribbon Cutting a few weeks ago. It is going to be such an asset to that part of our metro area.

Beck Event Space Opening

On a personal note, I have a special album of portraits, “Nolte Family Christmases” that is displayed only in December. Presently it has 35 portraits, (used as our family Christmas card as well). Many of them were created by Mike Freeland. I recall those shoots when my daughters were younger and the primping took way longer than it should. When this Mike was out of patience…THAT Mike waited. And waited. And waited. 

Mike Freeland Nolte Family Christmas Portrait

Mike Freeland Nolte Family Chirstmas Portrait 2

We have some weddings stacked up in the coming months and I can’t wait to work with him again! I can get my brides dressed more quickly than my daughters.

 Photography: Freeland Photography

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