Michael Monday’s!

Welcome to the first installment of: Michael Monday’s!

 Last dish I cooked….

And you have to start with something so hard?! Yikes! I can’t cook, thus I’m out to eat 3-4 nights a week! My daughters are convinced I’m dining away their inheritance.

 Last wardrobe malfunction….

I’m very careful about being presentable when I leave the house, but I’m never satisfied when I see myself on television. My shirt is either crumpled, my jacket hunched on my shoulders, my cuffs uneven, my shoes looking for polish….something.

Better Kansas City

Last date night….

I love Friday nights with my best friend…who is coincidentally my wife. Even if it’s post wedding rehearsal, I zoom home pick her up and out we go. It’s a time to re-connect after a hectic week and a calm down for me if I’m directing a fabulous wedding the next day. Seldom is a movie a part of Date Night as that to me is just “sitting next to each other.” At dinner, we never sit side by side. I’m flattered that she still says, “I want to look at you.”



 Last time I was starstruck….

I have been in the presence of many famous people..so this is a hard one. I think perhaps it might have been when I was a key note speaker in Cancun to all the top wedding planners in Mexico. My co-presenter was Colin Cowie. I have always admired his work and was humbled that it was the “two of us” on stage fielding questions from the audience. I bumped into him three weeks later at the Premiere Naeem Khan bridal gown debut party in New York…and HE remembered MY name!

 Last moment of bliss…..

Undeniably: I’m an ambiance guy. I notice EVERY detail i.e. sound, lighting, color, proportion, scent, temperature (people think that’s why I’m good at my job). Last Thanksgiving, the Inter-Continental hosted my family for the Plaza Lighting Ceremony in their gorgeous Rooftop Lounge i.e. fireworks exploding right in front of us! I finally had a great exterior holiday lighting guy who managed to get our new tricked out landscape and residence lighting sparkling lights installed and illuminated BEFORE we drove home. When we turned the corner to our street and my family saw our home glittering….they just loved it! Inside I had pre-laid the fireplace, Christmas Carols (thank you Sonos) cued to start when we walked in and of course (the Nolte family favorite) Prosecco, waiting in Waterford crystal flutes…..well…..it was “a moment of bliss.”

Nolte House Front Door