Michael Monday’s

My favorite month is…

December because… we have three birthdays! Mine on Dec. 9, my second daughter on Dec. 14 and my wife’s on Dec. 31. (She still believes the entire world is celebrating her birthday that night!).

Buffet or Sit-down?

Most definitely sit down. I think in today’s world when we are sooo rushed and so scattered….to be pampered with servers bringing the courses and the cocktails is indulgently divine!



Exterior or interior Christmas decorations?

I handle the exterior design (Hello tripped circuit breakers! Mrs. Nolte directs most of the interior. Note I said “directs.” Thank heaven for hired help for that colossal job!



Theme for Christmas parties 2019…

We started with five in a row on December 20. I did the dining room all in silver and white. Even the normally chocolate moire walls are covered in silver metallic floor length drapery.



I asked Santa this year…

For the gift of one on one time with each of my children once a season for a year. We have fabulous “group dates” but I really cherish the times we get to connect as Father and Daughter.