Michael Monday’s

What is your mostest favorite part of a wedding?

It’s a tie…but the first one is when the bride has kept her gown a total secret (soooo cool) and she enters the room where her bridesmaids are waiting!


What is the most complex part of wedding planning?

Again it’s a tie….the Master Guest List is a killer, but the seating chart is also a feat of engineering. Fortunately, we had Wes, groom of the year, to create this “blue print.” As a result…getting the place cards down was flawless!



My most favorite lace is….

there are four types used in bridal gowns: Lyon (almost non-existent now it’s so expensive), Alencon, Venice and Chantilly. Though I love the first, the close second is a high grade of re-embroidered Alencon. It’s made in Alencon, France, thus the name. I was on my wife’s bridal gown and had it triple beaded for the Christening Gown worn by all my daughters.


My latest “lust” is…

for the newly released, Lismore Pops Collection….Waterford of course!  I would love to have a set of the 10 toasting flutes in all the colors offered. There would certainly be no “Who’s champagne is this?!”” My wife adores colored crystal and though we have the clear in our pattern, this would be very “special occasion.” MJN