Michael Monday’s

Last injury….
In August I was zooming to jump into our open shower and didn’t see a puddle of water on the black and white marble floor. Down! Hard! Fractured my pelvis. Ouch for a long time!
MJN's bathroom interior with marble floor
Last recurring dream…

I run until I’m completely out of gas each night and when I hit the pillow, I’m out. No dreams. At 6:30 a.m. I’m instantly wide awake. Never an alarm.

Last indulgence…

After jumping into the pool wearing a custom suit, it truly did shrink (plus 9 lbs of gut). When my pants nearly popped as I was ushering at Mass, I did a U-turn in the church parking lot and went directly to Suit Supply. I splurged on a linen/cotton/wool bright blue suit that I just love…and it’s not tight!

MJN in Linen Suit Supply Suit

Last time I sang out loud…

Alan Jackson has a version of “How Great thou Art” that is in my range and touches my soul. When in a happy mood, I flip on Sonos in the house and Alan and I try to best each other!

Alan Jackson