Michael Monday’s

The two items on my bucket list are…

to spend 10 days in a grass hut on stilts over the Caribbean ocean with a glass floor and a reunion with the thousands of brides I’ve dressed and the families for which I’ve planned weddings.


A defining moment in my career….

was when I survived a near fatal car fire (2003)

and wasn’t able to return to work for 15 months. My business survived because of my wife’s management and the unbelievable help of my vendor team who “carried on.”


The shortest time I had to plan a wedding was….

10 days. The groom was headed to Japan. His fiancé said she would go if they were married. We printed invites at Kinko’s and had them hand delivered. She bought a stock gown. I called three vendors to get dresses in pink or peach, but that matched. I found a church and a hotel available on a Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and 400 people showed up. It was glorious!


My secret for staying inspired…

happens from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. every morning. I can “Eat, pray, read,” and totally absorb magazines features and pictures of beautiful spaces: foyers and screen porches (my two favorite spaces) photography of European weddings.

Favorite part of living in Kansas City…

is the “village pockets.” We live in Leawood and bump into friendly people at Hen House, our church, at the pool, Waterways and of course in Hawthorne Plaza. When I drive to Olathe or Lee’s Summit, I realize “This is such a cool city…but this is all new discovery to enjoy.”