Magician: Todd Lamanske

Magician: Todd Lamanske 816-820-6190

todd lamanskeI have to believe that our “magical” week was started because of the talents of man, who I hired to entertain at the two days before the wedding.

I have always loved magicians; from David Copperfield to shows in Branson. I have hired magicians for parties in our home and tents on our drive-way where live blue rabbits and pink doves popped out of sleeves and coat tails.

It wasn’t such a stretch then for our friends to be “surprised” when Todd meandered into our Welcome Party for 70 people and just started pulling Billiard balls out of someone’s ears.

My daughter’s college friends, having just flown in that afternoon, were either jet lagged or mesmerized by his antics and begged for more and more.

He was such a hit that I hired him to “work the crowd” during the Reception’s Cocktail Hour too. What a fun facet to a formal party! People didn’t know where to look first: cake, bar, friends or card tricks that left them with jaws dropped.

If we only have one chance to make a good first impression, Todd was the guy that broke the ice, gathered the groups and kept strangers talking. It was indeed magical and I can’t wait to hire him again.