Looking Forward

When people recognize my name at a party or a name-tag situation, they quickly pull up a chair and ask something impossible to answer, like “What’s your best wedding story?” (What does that even mean?!)

What they really want to know is details, details, details, i.e. how large was the guest list, and more importantly, how large was the budget. The former I can answer…the latter, absolutely never.

With that in mind, I will let you follow along for the next 10 days as I prepare to glide into home base with one of the top five largest weddings of my career. I have loved, loved, loved guiding this family for the past many months and they are so kind to my staff that their every visit is a reason to smile. My employees trip over each other to help them (or to help me, to help them.)

Nearly every time they come, the couple brings treats for everyone and always a round of Diet Cokes (their guilty pleasure). They remember everyone’s names; ask about them personally and are genuinely interested in their answers. I am continually amazed at their kindness to “the hired help”.

For me, a “big wedding” isn’t always just the number of guests or dollars, but the level of complexity for which I am responsible. The couples that allow me to work my tail off (do everything for them) are always the happiest, and this couple is one of those. (Thus my stress-level is pretty high!) Though the choices are made collectively, all the vendor hiring, inspiration and execution is on my shoulders.

The wedding is out-of-town (always more challenging), but I’ve hired almost all Kansas City vendors. We will have tenting, lighting, zillions of pieces of china, crystal, flatware, linens, tables, chairs, lounge furniture, limos, musicians, nannies, food, liquor, place cards and of course flowers, flowers, flowers!

Custom jeweled bridesmaid belt by Stephen Yearick

We had almost 1,400 people invited, acceptances are still flooding in (stragglers make my job so much harder) and everyone is cool with it. Meanwhile, I’m tossing and turning inside wondering, “Where will I find more square footage?!”

Twelve foot dazzling detachable train

Some of the most exciting elements are the extensive use of shimmery gold: stationary, programs, jewelry, chargers, goblet rims (specially ordered for this wedding), Chivari chairs and the cake. (Edible gold is fascinating when done well)

stationary suite by Dauphine Press

I can’t, of course, reveal specifics of names or place (as much as it is a much anticipated wedding in their city), but I’ll show you bits and pieces of it as we go along. Afterwards, I’ll take you on a visual highlights tour when the pics become available. Stay tuned!