Lighting and Draping: Landers’ Visions

Lighting and Draping: Landers’ Visions

Owner: Collins Landers

For many years, Collins has been responsible for making me look like a genius! What with his enormous warehouse of props, his totally dedicated team and his “Let’s make it happen” attitude, Collins is the only guy I call for lighting, dance floors, draping, rolling cake tables and chandelier rentals. Hands down…he is the best!

I have hired Collins to drape and carpet my garages for parties at home. One party we removed all the furniture on the first floor and draped all the rooms in white chiffon. He has suspended chandeliers in arches over my sidewalk and red carpets and stanchions on my drive-ways. He never says “Never.”

Red carpet lining our driveway at our Anniversary party.
Red carpet lining our drive-way at our Anniversary party.

He does all the audio-visuals for my fashion shows, WHITE and the Wedding Planning 101 Seminars.


Some of the new elements I introduced for my daughter’s wedding were these gold Roman columns that lined the aisle and the enormous candle towers that flanked the altar. After this debut, these are now available to rent from Landers’s Visions.


I envisioned a Ribbon Wall that would magnify the presentation of the bridal party. Indeed, Collins was able to bring that element to life with panels of chiffon and miles of double-faced satin ribbons.

A signature look at most of my weddings are white glossy dance floors and band stages. They create such a sleek and polished look! For my daughter, who loves all things French, I had Collins do a monogram in gold leaf wrapped in a Napoleonic wreath. To add to the custom built-in effect of the stage, Collins fronted it with waist-high planters filled with Fiddly Fig’s azaleas in three shades of pink.


Of course, you can’t have a Versailles ambience without a crystal chandelier and Landers’ Visions installed the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen. Granted it took them six hours to do so and they probably wanted to put my neck on the guillotine, but it was breathtakingly beautiful.

Lastly, the Dessert Salon, was the result of a 30 minute, organized chaos, room flip. Landers’ draped the walls, washed the room in lavender light and mounted the train above the macaroon towers.  It truly was “over the top!”