Kensington Palace

The movie, “Young Victoria” not only has a musical piece I’m dying to use for a First Dance selection, but was the home in which she was raised until ascending to the throne at age 18.


Princess Diana also lived there and it was these gates that were amassed with flowers upon her death.


Walking through the State Rooms was both solemn and moving. One of the coolest moments was standing on the landing, where Victoria first saw her soon to be husband, Prince Albert.


There was no detail of “trim” left out in the palace decor. The swags and jabots of even the draperies were inspiration for future beautiful gown designs I’m logging away.


One of the Queen’s many gorgeous gowns on display at Kensington and one of the most appropriate designer quips I’ve ever read!

“I despise simplicity. It is the negation of all that is beautiful” (Norman Harnell)