“It’s the happiest season of all….”

“Anticipation” has certainly claimed the minds of so many parents as they are privy to the surprise….their daughter is going to receive a diamond at Christmas!  (And the best part is…she has no clue!)

Sometimes mothers just stop by “to talk,” not really knowing what they should even ask…more importantly…where to start.

If you are one of those Moms….allow me to share my top Three Tips for Post Proposal Days:

1. Hire your wedding coordinator immediately.  Like building a house..you must have a General Contractor and the good ones will be booked up within a month. (BTW: At Nolte’s the fee only $6,000.)

2. Don’t promise anybody anything i.e. the number of guests to be invited, venues or vendors or budget. You will regret doing each of those within weeks.

At this stage simply talk in general hypothetical terms. You don’t want the words, “But you said earlier….” to come haunt you.

3. Do not solicit outside opinions. The opinions that matter are only of the people paying for it and the people getting married…in that order.

In the bridal retail world…it is slow season as everyone is devoting their dollars to gifts and not gowns. But, in a few days…it becomes a mad house again as the newly engaged storm the racks for dresses.

You will want to stay tuned for both the Wedding Planning 101 Seminars that we are hosting in January. They are only $10.00, unbelievably educational and tons of fun.

We can’t wait to be a part of the Glad Tidings you’ll be sharing with friends in a few days!