It was a “Waterford Wonderful Wednesday!”

Last week, we hosted our first party in the new salon and it was so much fun! The core invitees were the fellow wedding planners of KC and some of my Hawthorne Plaza neighbors and local bridal friends.



Not only did it showcase the new store in its full glory (thanks to the massive floral embellishment of Fiddly Fig Florist), but the food, endless champagne and Noltini’s were inhaled (thank you KC Hopps!). Entertainment to Go provided music both inside and at our sidewalk café. Marquee Events did all the rentals, BBJ Linens gifted me with my most coveted new sequin cloth “Zodiac” (which echoed the store’s tile pattern and color perfectly.) Cheri Elder a.k.a in Nolte speak: “Queen of Cakes,” was there to send everyone home on a sugar high.








We gifted attendees with “1,000 reasons to come” (i.e. 10 gift cards each valued at $100.00). The contributors are all companies I personally endorse and hire frequently.


Everyone knows of my appreciation of Waterford Crystal (much has been gifted by brides who call the staff to ask of my guilty pleasure!), thus I insisted that every drink be served in this fine crystal. But can you imagine how heavy it is hauling in three laundry baskets of Waterford from home? And then back again! But so worth it!

We had designers hustling to get even more gowns onto our racks for the party and the store is bulging! Come see the new additions. We are so thrilled with the response and look forward to a great Thanksgiving this autumn as we thank the planners for their referrals. MJN