I said “Yes to the dream!”

Something I have wanted to do for a long time is finally happening! Nolte’s is now offering “Day-of-Coordinating!”

Why on earth would a guy who has successfully coordinated over 1,000 weddings in the last 35 years ever want to “fix what ain’t broke?”

The answer? The brides are clamoring for us to do it and though I simply don’t have the time, I now have hired someone who will beautifully manage it for me.

Jennifer started working for me in high school.  She has assisted me in the direction of a lot of weddings and also worked the sales floor. After graduation from Rockhurst University, she left Nolte’s Bridal to seek a career in corporate America and realized she missed “I am making a difference” feeling she had working with brides.

Jennifer re-entered the industry she loved a national sales director for a bridal designer. Needless to say, she has a ton of experience in the bridal industry as a coordinator assistant,  as a retailer and the wholesale level, traveling to lots of other stores. She was able to be a part of the trends of other cities.

(Sidebar: When she married she choose a David Meister couture gown from Nolte’s. Totally gorgeous bride!)

We are thrilled to have her not just back on  staff, but expanding this area of our success story.

I interviewed several coordinators and solicited leads from wedding vendors.  It had to be just the right person.

The reason I hired Jennifer is that she thinks like I think in terms of minimizing what seems to be a “crisis” at the lowest possible level. Her interpersonal communication skills are genuine.

A lot of “pop-up” day of coordinators have the experience of as little as their own wedding or describe their reason to hang out their shingle as “event planning is my passion” or worse yet, “bridal is my bliss.”
When I see those words in a cover letter (which is frequent), I instantly toss the letter and resume.

I needed someone who could represent the high standards of taste and ability to “make it happen” as my clients tell me that I have had for them these three decades. That is a high bar.

I needed someone who I could trust to carry my vision of “This is a beautifully executed wedding” into the future.

Was it hard? You bet!

Last week when Ralph Lauren announced that he was hiring a CEO for his iconic brand it was illuminating. (And the day I called Jennifer to tell her she had the job!)

Lauren trusts the new guy to expand on the Polo vision.  Likewise, I trust Jennifer to work as hard as I do to make our brides thrilled they have hired Nolte’s to coordinate their wedding.

I will be of course involved, on some level,  in every wedding that comes in our door. I love meeting our customers. I love thanking them in person for the privilege of serving them.

I am prepared, (I think) for what appears to be an avalanche of new business.

With barely even a whisper, we are already booking this new service that I never thought we would do…but we are…and it’s working beautifully.

For the guy who used to compare “Day of Coordinating” to running around the Titanic with a roll of duct tape….I’m delighted to see it become a life raft to customers who can’t afford full service; but desperately want the First Mate of a well seasoned “Captain/wedding coordinator” steering the raft on wedding day!

Welcome aboard Jennifer!!

P.S The D.O.C. (Day of Coordinating) rate is only $1,800. Details soon on our website.