Here Comes the Groom!

George Clooney (who is the bride?) gets married!!!

Sort of “The Wedding” isn’t it? After Brad and Angelina’s odd nuptials, I was so glad to see something so classic be chosen by the guy that is my personal style guru.

What is not to love? It was traditional and elegant. To me that spells “B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l”

The notable elements to this wedding planner?

I am a fan of non-strapless bridal gowns if they are done well….and this frock by Oscar is certainly one of them. I love French Chantilly lace and there were 14 yards used. That’s a lot of high quality lace! I loved the cathedral train and how perfectly the photographer fanned it out for their portrait…just doesn’t get any better. (So many times the photographers just cram the train behind with the justification that “I want to see faces.” Code: “I’m too lazy to bother fluffing it.”)


I of course love the fact that she was not bare- headed but indeed wore a magnificent matching lace edged veil. Soooo bridal.

The ambience in the ceremony room was timeless….my favorite gold Chivari chairs, flowers along the aisle and tons of candles. (But does it give anybody, other than me, a nervous tic to see how the arch is not centered in the aisle?)


The corridors lined with walls of votive candles must have seemed like a transition into a dream. That had to be one well coordinated candle lighting SWAT team! There are hundreds, perhaps thousands.


Another element that was so on target was the bride’s bouquet…you didn’t notice it. With a gown that intricate (and expensive) you would not want to “see” the bouquet first. It should be an accent not a focal point.

Though I think it’s weird to applaud when the groom walks down the aisle, I can only imagine the camaraderie that developed in such an intimate wedding of only 100 people for three days. I think small weddings can be so over the top when detailed out so beautifully.

I couldn’t help but notice too George’s usual “two buttons open” even in his Armani tux shirt. SoGeorge. So cool.


Though I personally support the “no cell phones/no cameras” rule they mandated, I am glad that I got to see snippets of what was truly an Oscar winning wedding.