Happy Anniversary Memories

Today is Mrs. Nolte’s birthday. (All her life she felt the fireworks and goofy hats were coincidentally purchased around the world, for her birthday…which just happened to be on New Year’s Eve!)

As the store as celebrated our 40th year in business this year (and now one of the top ten longest owned bridal salons in the U.S.), I been waiting until today to give credit to the person who made the launch even possible: my wife of also 40 years.

Without her support and steady nursing income, I would never had the confidence to start or the encouragement to continue these past four decades of service to brides.

Thus, it makes sense that this was also the 40th anniversary of our marriage. Never a man to let an “occasion” be less than a “special event,” we hosted a rescheduled, but memorable celebration that included a Black-tie Renewal of Vows ceremony, Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing at the InterContinental on the Plaza. This was the same hotel where we started our married life.

Thanks to the live stream provided by Landers’ Visions, “virtually” every single guest we invited was able to celebrate with us. Many hosted watch parties with neighbors wearing their evening gowns and tuxedos. (When I received the bar tab two days later, I was convinced those out of state friends were charging their cocktails to Kansas City!)

Fiddly Fig knocked us over with going beyond our hopes for the gorgeous florals.



I did design my wife’s custom Stephen Yearick gown. She chose rose gold and I surprised her with having the monograms of her parents and our family embroidered on the shoulder panels as “the wind beneath her wings.”

The day of the celebration we paused for portraits at Strauss-Peyton and are so thrilled  (to look so relaxed), that we have a 24”x30” in the vestibule of our home.



One special surprise was our four-year-old Granddaughter (my escort) was wearing her Grandmother’s 54-year-old First Communion dress…and was carrying in her pink rose bouquet, a “sparkle surprise” of a ruby and diamond ring. (Fortieth anniversaries are referenced as your “Ruby Anniversary.”)



Like all of my weddings that I’ve gowned or planned these past months…ours was postponed and had four different update invitations go out, but we weren’t going to surrender that celebration.

One of the most special elements of the ceremony was the lightning of the personalized Honor Candles for all the members of our bridal party that weren’t physically in the room with us, as Neil and Christina Hager Darling sang “The Prayer.”



I seldom allow much of my personal life to infiltrate the business social media but this was such a wonderful memory that I wanted at year’s end to share it with you.






The reason, I do so is that my wife has been a “Point of Joy” tons of times these forty years and particularly these past months. Her patience with me as a man and the business of bridal…takes a special person…and she is that to me! Please enjoy the pictures that will give you a sense of sharing what was remembered as one of the happiest days of our lives! MJN

Vendor Team:

Photography: Clayton Jenkins

Floristry: Fiddly Fig

Lighting and Draping: Landers’ Visions

Cake: Cheri Elder of Sweetbliss Cakery

Catering: The InterContinental

China and Crystal: Marquee Rentals

Videography: Brandon Perrigo

Vocalist: Neil and Christina Hager Darling

Pianist: Dorothy Brandwein

Evening Gowns: Frascara

Calligraphy: Michael Sull

Dance Music: Entertainment to Go