Go To The Movies!

Everyone I know is begging for a “bust out.” Everyone I know is looking for some gesture of support they can give those most impacted by COVID.

Other than host a big wedding…. I want to write today of something you can do. Today.

The movie theatre industry has been decimated. Presently Hollywood isn’t releasing new stuff, but some classics are running.

I have been best friends with Bob Bagby since the beginning of our careers…40 years ago.



I knew this parents and in-laws (the original founders of B&B Theatre…which stood for Bills and Bagby)

Mr. and Mrs. Bills (parents of Bridget Bills Bagby) and Mrs. Nolte… at another theatre opening! Mutual love affair!


I have dressed Mrs. Bagby for every formal occasion and coordinated both their daughters’ weddings (which are featured in my book, “Wonder-filled Weddings.” )




We vacation with them. They and their adult children (all now fourth generation in the business, with children and living in Liberty) are all invited to our Anniversary Celebration in September.

When we need a “bust out” it’s either us with them in Liberty or them with us in Leawood. (Last week it was pizza and plenty of bourbon…and a wonderful “calm.”) Bob and I can stand in my Butler’s Pantry and be down to “real” in five minutes.

I don’t know how to do a “Fund a Need” and this isn’t that…but my friend’s business is one that gives back and gives back and gives back to Kansas City. The B&B Theatre chain is now ranked SIXTH in not just the United States, but NORTH AMERICA!! and 417 screens…and these gorgeous, state of the art theaters are now ghost towns.

There are gobs of other business owners and individuals who have posted this “call to action,” as literally everyone who knows this family, l.o.v.e.s. them! I’m frustrated at my own laziness that I haven’t used the Nolte’s Bridal platform to blog earlier.

Attached are some links that can help with notices to lawmakers to offer financial relief for the entertainment industry. (The B&B Theatre chain has received not a single penny of government help and yet continue to pay health care benefits for the entire families of their employees.)






In these months of near hysteria …it’s time I am finally subscribing to “See something…say something.” And today, I’m “saying something.” GO TO THE MOVIES!

A lot of business owners really want to continue to employ and give back.

These LOCALLY owned businesses (their ticket sales don’t go to China owned theatre chains) are suffering from those who want to “maintain social distance?”

There IS a compromise…I urge you to read the information in the links provided and remember when “this” is over…if we don’t financially support those give back businesses…they aren’t going to be there.


Thanks for listening. MJN