“Four or more daughters, remain standing!”

About 17 years ago, I chaired the First Father/Daughter Banquet for my church’s men’s group. (Which had a successful Father/Son Banquet already in place.) I was “elected” by innocently inquiring, “What do you do for men that don’t have sons?”

After coordinating the decorations, a photographer, DJ, entertainment and invitations (sounds like a wedding doesn’t it?), I thought I would offer a door prize/gift certificate to Nolte’s Bridal to the man who had the most daughters. (Sort of a sympathy gesture to his wallet!)

“All who have one daughter, stand up.” Of course…room full. “Those with two or more daughters remain standing.” Few. “Those with three or more daughters, remain standing.” VERY few (but I would be one of them)! “Those with four of more daughters, remain standing.” Surely, surely that would be a lone sentinel.

There were still three fathers standing! Each with four daughters. It was a three way tie. Though I could have had them flip for it, I felt each Dad should receive the $500.00 gift cards…and 12 went out that night.

Imagine my surprise when one of last week’s brides, Elizabeth Tyler, came to select her gown and identified herself (and her three sisters) as being one of those recipients so many years ago! What fun!

It was another one of those deliciously fun showings, where with careful listening and “sizing her up,” we put on the perfect dress first and there was no need for more!

Her wedding in Boulder, Colorado sounds glorious and the gown we designed together will be a one of a kind! I can’t wait to share pictures with you.

In the meantime, here is a picture that captures my fun moment with the Tyler girls and their sweet Mom. I love forward to dressing the additional three when the time comes. The gift cards do not expire, nor will my thrill that I did it!

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