Farewell My Good Neighbor

Harold Tivol

I believe you can tell the “class” of someone in how they treat someone who can do them no good. Such will always be the way I remember my neighbor, Harold Tivol.  A total classy man.

About 20 years ago, I was shopping at his store with my little girl.  This is the little girl who loved (and still loves) big jewels. I don’t recall my purchase for my wife on that trip, but Harold was so very kind to my daughter when he learned of her fascination with gems. He invited her into his office and pulled out several estate pieces that he had just acquired. Breathtaking. He patiently explained their provenance, the four “C’s” and the reasons they were so unique. He even pinned a huge pink sapphire brooch on her shirt.

This Dad? Hooked.

From that day on I have loved shopping at Tivol. When they joined me at Hawthorne Plaza, it was “unfortunately” more convenient.  Then they were instrumental in convincing me to “go North” as we both then opened stores at Briarcliff Village as well.

The evening of our Grand Opening, I arranged with Tivol to stay open late and swing by their showroom before entering the tent in front of the newest Nolte’s. Each of the girls could pick a remembrance from curated  trays of things I thought they might like. That kind of customer accommodation starts at the top and trickles down. It originated with Harold.

The Nolte's at Tivol

I have enjoyed doing gowns for Jewel Ball and weddings in Harold’s family.  He had an incredible eye for style and could host parties like never seen in Kansas City.

The passing of this magnetic personality is felt nationally in the jewelry world, but more personally in the hearts of the many people who appreciated him here. MJN