Emeralds and Jacquard (Does it get any better for Autumn?)

Princess Eugenie got me out of bed to watch the full coverage of the royal wedding and I certainly was glad I did.

Church Decor.jpg

Much of the pre-wedding chatter talked of her patronage of teenage girls with scoliosis and the corrective surgery she had at age 12. (First I had heard of it.) It’s a cause dear to my heart as well, since one of my daughters has had that surgery twice.

Perhaps the showcasing of the spinal scar was a little more graphic than my preference and you, my long-time followers know of the advocation that both Vera Wang and I have for veils on brides. Soooo I “missed” that fluffy traditional component, but certainly did not “miss” her message.

The tiara once belonging to her Great-Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother), was one I’ve never seen….and stunning! The center emerald was 96.7 carats! OMGosh!

Princess Eugenie Up Close
Princess Eugenie

When asked the day prior, my prediction of her gown, my reply was, “brocade or jacquard fabric, wide skirt, attached train, long fitted sleeves. I think the train will be about 12 feet long.” Every one of those predications came true. I did however not expect the portrait collar, nor the deep V-back. Both of which were lovely.

Princess Eugenie going up Steps
Princess Eugenie

So many royal weddings have music I’ve never heard (and mostly don’t care to again), but when Andrea Bocelli ripped off both “Ave Maria” and “Panis Angelicus” I nearly teared up. (But why didn’t someone snug up his tie and button his jacket?) Sidebar tip to Grooms and Dads: Always button the top button on your jackets (but no others!) It takes off 3” in the waist and gives 2” in height. Who doesn’t want that?!

The autumnal décor of the exterior was magical. I loved the potted trees. Remember that her cousin, William, had them lining the aisle of Westminster Abbey for his wedding?

Princess Eugenie and Prince Andrew Going Up Steps
Princess Eugenie and Prince Andrew
Prince Willam's Wedding Inside Westminister
Inside the Wedding of Prince Willam and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey

The MOB, Sarah, wearing emerald was just perfect for her red hair and certainly “worked” with the tiara.  I’m always puzzled why Sarah frequently carries her gloves as opposed to wearing them, but I thought she looked spectacular. The “wings” on her hat off set her less than narrow hips. What MOB doesn’t think she has a tummy? And the wrap effect was a great softening element. Personally, I wish she would/could walk more “head up.” She did some stupid things. She has paid her dues. She is still the MOB and deserves that respect.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York
Sara Ferguson and Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice with Sarah Duchess of York
Sarah Ferguson with MN in Kansas City
MN with Sarah Ferguson in Kansas City
Princess Eugenie in Carriage
Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

On my Bucket List is to be on the streets of England for the next royal wedding, even if I’m in a sleeping bag the night prior! Come on Princess Beatrice…this American wedding planner is ready to jump across the pond! MJN