“Downton Abbey” Comes Alive

When my younger daughter lived in Europe, she is the one who gifted daughter #1, with the DVD first season of “Downton Abbey” long before it came to the U.S. We were hooked. As a family we watched every episode.



The setting was Highclere Castle and we booked the last day of the tour tickets. To say it looks “Just like the show’ sounds silly…because it does. Of course it does. How else should it look?


 What is so cool is that the 8th Duke of ? still lives there on the 1,000 acres and in the castle. Upon entry, photographs were strictly forbidden inside, but I just couldn’t resist a couple. (I didn’t use a disruptive flash, nor stop the line. At least that was my justification to be a law breaker.)


My favorite part was all the real family photographs through the generations and walking down the staircase, the scene of two weddings during the show.



Personal note: on the fly over, I read ? which really brought me up to speed with the life of the “below stairs” hierarchy. 


The venue is available now for private parties or weddings. As I think of Longview Mansion, Loose Mansion or Simpson House…it is with new appreciation for they way the homes have retained their character too.

Oh and the last cool thing was that upon leaving…we spotted the countess. Just walking about in a sea foam green outfit, not recognized by most as she was chatting with this distinguished gentleman. I wish I had had the courage to go ask for a “real” picture of her.