Doing it well…effortlessly.

Today our nation says Goodbye to the most elegant of our First Ladies, Nancy Reagan.

Along with the accolades of millions, I would add my own admiration of her sense of style. Beyond her improvements to the White House and the gift of new china, she had a true sense of scale in dressing for her petite figure. Truly, she wore the gowns, not the gown wearing her….as seen in so much of the recent sightings of women in spotlight roles like that.

Nancy Reagan 1985 Gown

Along with cachet, she maintained close friendships and loyalty to the people who had been good to her in her growing up, early marriage and political world staging. I admire that in people. Evidence of that was her fondness for the California designer, James Galanos, was seen when she knighted him twice to design her stunning Inaugural Ball gowns…both in winter white…the color of the flowers on her casket. (Being the aficionado I am for opera length kid-leather gloves, I particularly liked the 1981 one shoulder stunner.) Additionally, she wore a 14–year old Galanos for her first State Dinner. That’s loyalty…and a lover of classic design.


Fingers crossed that in January, we can be as proud of (and grateful to) our next First Lady as we were of Mrs. Reagan.