Beyond, beyond, beyond…..

In 38 years, Nolte’s is the only store I’ve ever known that didn’t miss gown delivery for a wedding. All the conferences I’ve attended or in conversation with owners while at market…everyone had their war stories. I never could offer anything to that near crisis management.

BUT we came close recently, as one of our favorite designers, Maria Farbinni, relocated her factory for Ukraine to Israel. In that gap time…production became impossible and some gowns were “running late.” The bride was totally chill about it arriving the week of the wedding and said to her friends, “If Mr. Nolte is not stressing, I’m not going to either. He’s never missed a wedding.”


However, I was stunned to learn that the gown was coming within hours to Kansas City….on the lap of the designer! I really couldn’t believe it when I thought I was mis-reading the email about “booking a plane ticket to get the gown to you.”

Thanks to Brenda at KC Transportation for a quick limo pick up! I zipped by Fiddly Fig to pick up a welcome nosegay and made a reservation at Parker in the rooftop of the Hotel Fontaine. While the limo driver took the gown on south to the store where my seamstress of 23 years was waiting, This special guest and I enjoyed meeting for the first time. I gave her a 20-minute tour and she is totally knocked over by our beautiful city! (Who isn’t?)

Regina and MJN

Five hours after arrival, I had the limo return her to the airport to fly away and I went to join the bride for her fitting and was greeted with huge smiles. It was a near perfect fit! One of the reasons we have this impeccable track record is that I’m very specific about the designers I carry and that I know will always deliver…but I’ve never had one treat me like such a VIP! I will have this story in my arsenal of “Happy Days” forever! MJN