Definition: Bespokemade to fit a particular personalso : producing clothes that are made to fit a particular person

As a designer, I have had the Michael Nolte Collection sold in as many as 40 bridal salons in the U.S. and have lost count of the number of one-of-a-kind gowns I have created for hundreds of brides through the years.

designing gowns

As a shopper, I have very little time! Perhaps I shop like the “typical guy,” in the sense that I go with purpose, rely on expertise, find and purchase what I need in as little time as possible. Downside is that the pleasure of the hunt is really not there for me so much. Until I was introduced to Michael Kopplin.

Having admired the style of a guy who also serves on one of my charitable boards, I finally asked where he shops. His answer, “I have a guy.”

This “guy” who does Dan’s clothes is also now doing mine….and I love it. The pleasure of shopping is back!


Mike comes to my office armed with swatches, thread colors, linings for suits, monogram fonts for embroidery on collars and cuffs, cool buttons and most importantly…all kind of ideas of which I would never have considered. He has done suits, jackets, pants and shirts that all fit….well….like they were made for me!


It has given me a chance to re-think my role as the advisor, stylist and designer to my clients. Am I as good? As patient? As educational? As sensitive to someone who doesn’t know “trade terms.”


Hopefully so, because I sure love custom designing for brides. (And full disclosure, I sure love someone custom designing for me!) MJN

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