And then there was Sareh Nouri

And then there was Sareh Nouri, so different from the pack…..

Occasionally, but not often,  there is a new designer that really jumps in and does it “right” from the beginning.


Such is the case with Sareh Nouri. I had been intrigued with this collection since after a 56 minute chat with her Sales Director, Amber, a month ago.

Prior to Bridal Market there are endless e-mail invitations and 10-12 calls a day from designer reps just hoping the answer to “Are you coming to NY for Bridal Market?” will be answered with “Yes.”  Most of the script is pretty canned and many of them don’t take “Yes but I’m sorry my calendar is already fully scheduled,” well.

There was just “something” about the sincerity of her voice, her humbleness about position and her genuine enthusiasm about her product…that made me listen. And I’m certainly glad that I did.


The showroom was one of the three most beautiful that I visited. Mountains (and I mean mountains) of lavender orchids and mounds of fresh fuchsia roses were everywhere. In addition were scrumptious appetizers and gently offered champagne and music.


Meeting Amber was like being re-introduced to a friend. It all trickles down from the top and when I met Sareh, it all made sense.
She is classy, understated, real and hungry. She wants her line in my store and was thrilled that we came to see it.


The dresses are wonderful. Wonderful. Some of my favorites I ordered in size 16 and 18 as they will make the wearer look like a 12. The boning in the bodice is like a built in Spanx or bustier.


In just four years, Sareh Nouri has jumped from being in three stores to now being in 40….around the world.

Other buyers that have been tipped off to this up and comer were in the room with us. Sareh introduced all of us to each other: Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nolte’s Bridal. Not bad company.

Her heritage is Persian but her laces are all French and what laces they are!


We will be doing a Trunk Show of her truly wonderful gowns in a few months. Look for it!  I might even fly Sareh in for the event if there is enough interest. Let me know what you think of the collection as you see it….literally everywhere!