And the Winner is…

And the winner is….

There is no one quite like “Oscar” to nudge our movie celebrities to “clean up good.”

As a guy who needs to watch this, l.o.n.g. awards show every year to be sure Nolte’s stays totally spot on….here are my personal favs:

Without a doubt Cate Blanchett’s gown combined three very fresh elements: the color sea foam, feathers and captivating shoulder treatment.

Brie Larson’s sapphire blue Gucci gown was ethereal in it’s multi layer, non-skin-tight, ballgown was simply stunning.

Charlize Theron’s, red, oh my gosh plunging neckline with perfectly placed necklace gown by Dior was one of the most striking, I have ever seen. The trains on all three were fabulous.

As for the guys…….I’m a big fan of the white dinner jacket worn by Chris Rock. It was a great slim cut and just totally cool. I hope I get to wear one this summer!

Eddie Redmayne’s velvet jacket was luxe. (I had just bought a navy one for some holiday parties a few months ago and loved wearing it.)

Thankfully I wasn’t in wasn’t the event coordinator as I would have been pretty stressed that it ran so long and that so much of the show was dedicated to pounding the same diversity drum. What with the primaries just ahead….let’s keep the politics in that orbit and entertainment in what it is…a break from politics! 🙂

All in all lots of good movies in 2015 and lots of great gowns that will surely influence those we buy for your shopping pleasure in the coming season.