A Very Personal Walk Down the Aisle


The steps of the journey were kept private and the event itself very low radar, but this week we share with you both the story and some pictures of this moment in my personal life…the presenting of a daughter in marriage.

As a Post-Wedding-Parent-of-the-Bride, I have unexpectedly learned so much and those notes will be included in the forthcoming book, “Wonder-Filled Weddings.”

In retrospect of the complexity of the event, it’s a wonder I wasn’t sipping Jack Daniel’s for breakfast!

In a quiet moment you might want to enjoy a glass of wine and read the story of how the “wedding man’s daughter” came to be married. Despite all the pomp and circumstance, none of us lost the purpose for the planning. The young man that my daughter chose to spend the rest of her life, is a credit to his family and blessing to mine. I am grateful that they were always more excited to be married than to have a wedding. Between the two families there are no divorces through five generations. Combined they have 538 years of marriage commitment.

It was easy to create a celebration of that kind of love. Enjoy the walk with me and let me know your thoughts.


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